FAQ about patio enclosure under existing patio roof

Q: Can we leave the existing patio floor as is?
A: You can leave the floor as is but it is not advisable because the floor is tilted or sloped and in most cases to close to the ground.

Q: What is re commanded for the floor?
A: Raised the floor to the same height as the house floor and make sure it is level

Q: What are the benefits of a raised level floor?
A: The floor level will not be too close to the ground which will prevent from water seeping into the enclosure. The new additional enclosure SqFT area will be added to the house total livable area. A definite benefit in the house selling price.

Q: Is it require to have a concrete footing under the new patio enclosure walls.
A: Most building departments will not request concrete footing under the new enclosure walls because those walls are not load bearing walls. None load bearing walls because the roof load is supported by the roof header and the supporting posts.

Q: Is it require to have a concrete footing under any supporting posts?
A: Yes. Old or new supporting posts must have a concrete footer.

Q: Can the open patio be enclosed behind a bedroom?
A: Only if the same bedroom will have another door or window leading directly to the outside of the house. This is the code that was design for your safety.

Q: Is it require to have heating and cooling in the new enclosure?
A: Only if the enclosure will be used as a living space.

Q: Should the patio roof be insulated?
A: It is optional as long as you don’t have heating and cooling.

Contact your contractor for any additional questions that you might have.

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