HOA Requirement for Patio Enclosure

Many of the HOA (Home Owners Association) have very strict requirements and demands that the home owner must comply with in order to obtain the HOA approval to convert an open patio into a sunroom enclosure. For the last 30 years most of the HOA approved the modular type of sunroom enclosures even if the sunroom color did not match the house exterior color. However, lately more and more HOA will not approve the modular type claiming that it is not a perfect match to the existing house design and exterior finishing. The homeowner should know that an existing patio can be converted into a sunroom enclosure by utilizing conventional (not modular) construction techniques that allow us to perfectly match the exterior design and finishing of the existing house. Look at the “before” and “after” photos of two sunroom enclosures. In most cases a conventional built sunroom enclosure will cost the same or less than a modular type sunroom enclosure.


Check with your HOA about their requirements before signing a contract or at least, make sure to insert “this contract is subject to the HOA approval” in your contract. For additional information about sunroom enclosures and patio covers go to: https://azenclosuresandsunrooms.com/ sunrooms.com or write to: [email protected]

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