Affordable Pool Enclosures in Arizona

High profile retractable pool enclosure that is classified as a permanent structure and subject to many regulations

High Profile Retractable Pool Enclosure

It seems to many of us that Arizona home owners would like to have a swimming pool enclosures. Yet, only few have a pool enclosure. After all, Arizona known as a State with major sand storms and extreme low temperatures during the winter months. Due to those conditions, almost all homeowners acquire a pool service company to clean the pool on a weekly basis and to maintain the proper chemical balance of the pool water. Any pool service is a costly item in any homeowner yearly expenses. So what is the problem? There are 3 main reasons why pool enclosures are not popular in Arizona, especially in the Phoenix Valley. First is the high cost of most pool enclosures in America. Second, many obstetrical to obtain a building permit, Third, almost impossible to obtain an an approval from the Home Owners Associations.

Why most pool enclosures cost so much? Almost all pool enclosures manufacturer design and fabricate an enclosure that will pass any possible building and zoning requirements. So, if you do not live in an earthquake  State you are forced to purchase a product with many expensive engineering upgrades that you have no use for them. Like purchasing the latest I Phone and use it only as telephone.

Why difficulties  in obtaining building permit? Most  Pool enclosures are being classified as a permanent structure (like a room addition) and are subjected to many zoning and building codes.

Why difficulties in obtaining Home Owner Association? Most pool enclosures are a permanent tall structure (taller than the property fence of 6′ high) which violate the maximum height requirement.

GOOD NEWS: Affordable Pool Enclosure are now available to Arizona Homeowners. We at AZ Enclosures and Sunrooms , have several pool enclosure models that  will not have any problems with City or HOA requirements. We now can offer low profile (less than 6′ high) pool enclosure that is engineered as a temporary structure. No more need to HOA approval. This type can be relocated to your next house should you decide to move to other location.

Many models are available now, at a reasonable price, in Arizona. Keep the pool clean at all time. used the pool all year even in the Arizona “cold” winter. Want to know more? Call Avi kagan 602-791-3228. or click here 

Low profile retractable pool enclosure that is classified as temporary structure

Low Profile Retractable Pool Enclosure


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