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Maintaining the view

One of the main homeowner’s concern about converting an open patio into an “Arizona Room” or a Sun-Room  is maintaining the view.  Of course,  the larger area of glass is better than smaller glass area. However, in a screen enclosure the entire patio opening is cover with a screen fabric. There are varieties of screen […]

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Various Types of Screen Fabricks

Homeowners can select the type of screen fabric for a new or remodel screen room or screen enclosure. Sun screen fabrics are most popular in  southwest especially in Arizona. Sun screen can block up to 90% of the sun and is available in several color options. Pet owners should know that there is a “Pet […]

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Patio Screen Enclosure in Arizona

Any open patio can be enclosed with screens or with windows and doors. Most homeowners select an 80% sun-screen fabric that reduce the sun entering the enclosure by 80″ and of course reduce the temperature inside the enclosure. The screen enclosure framing is made from prepainted aluminum profiles. The sun-screen fabric comes in varieties of […]

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Retractable sun-room enclosure

Retractable Patio Enclosure

Most patio enclosures are additional living space that are cooled and heated like the rest of the house. However, once you closed your patio you lost the outdoor living that any open patio provides. A retractable patio enclosure or sunroom when open  let you enjoy outdoor living experience and indoor living experience when it is […]

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Arizona Enclosures and Sunrooms