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Retractable Patio Enclosure

Most patio enclosures are made with fixed frame walls with doors and windows. Especially when the enclosure  becomes an air conditioned  “living space” which is usable all year round. Some homeowners  would prefer to have an enclosed patio for only part of the year and back to an open patio for the rest of the […]

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Patio Enclosures and Sunrooms in Phoenix Valley, Arizona

The Phoenix Valley known also as “the valley of the sun” is known for its good weather, bright sunlight and beautifull mountain views. However, during the summer season when the daily temperatures are well above 100 degrees, most people retreat to an air conditioned space that offer limited or no view at all. A patio enclosure or sun room addition will […]

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Room Addition in Sun City Arizona

New room addition in Sun City Arizona, which is not too far from Phoenix Arizona. This custom built room addition cost at least 30% to 40% less than any leading modular sunroom competitors companies. It has an extra insulation to comply with the special building codes requirements due to the close praximity to a military […]

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Arizona Room Addition in Sun City Arizona

This beautiful Arizona room was custom built at a lower price than any modular sunroom can be purchase. It has an extra wall and ceiling insulation, as well as high rated insulated windows and door, to damp the jets noise because of the close proximity to the Luke Air Force base. The entire construction project was completed in about 4 weeks […]

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Arizona Enclosures and Sunrooms